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Stereoscopic imaging

The Centre has built up a vast range of expertise in various technical areas relating to stereoscopic 3D imaging (including: displays, cameras, video processing, etc). The Centre operates a research laboratory which includes a wide range of stereoscopic imaging technologies.

The Centre offers the following stereoscopic imaging related products and services:

The Centre has recently established the company DeepVision3D to commercialise the Centre’s stereoscopic camera technologies.

Current and recent projects

  • The development of application-specific stereoscopic video solutions
  • The technical review of new stereoscopic technologies
  • Providing technical advice to solve specific customer problems relating to stereoscopic imaging
  • Assessing the image quality of new stereoscopic display equipment
  • Providing training on stereoscopic 3D imaging topics
  • Investigating and improving the stereoscopic image quality of various stereoscopic display technologies

Industry support

Our work has received support from a range of sources including:

  • WA:ERA (Western Australian Energy Research Alliance)
  • iVEC (The hub of advanced computing in Western Australia)


We have supported the stereoscopic technical work of a wide range of clients in the following fields: industrial (oil and gas, terrestrial mining), consumer electronics (3D display manufacturing), medical, entertainment (3D cinema and consumer solutions), etc.