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SailTool software

SailTool can determine various sail stripe parameters including draft, camber, offsets, twist, front%, back%, entry angle, exit angle, and twist

SailTool is a program for the measurement and parameterisation of yacht sails and rigging. The program runs on PCs running Microsoft Windows and provides a user-friendly interface for performing high accuracy measurements.

Features include:

  • parameterisation of sail draft stripes
  • mast bend measurement
  • leech twist measurement
  • spinnaker flying distance measurement
  • virtual protractor and tape measure tools
  • grid overlay tool
  • full user-friendly windows interface
  • fully featured online help
  • database of commonly used yacht classes and parameters
The protractor tool can be used for angle measurement

Camera requirements: The program can process images from any source e.g., digital cameras or scanned images from film cameras. Higher resolution images allow greater measurement accuracy – subject to operator accuracy.
Suitable Image Formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP.

Measure spinnaker flying distance

SailTool was originally developed by the Centre for Marine Science & Technology (CMST) for the Australian Yachting Federation for use in the coaching of the 2000 Sydney Olympics yachting team. A team that was successful in winning four gold medals.

leech twist
Leech twist measurement

SailTool provides a windows based interface for digitisation, measurement and parameterisation. Here, mast bend is being measured.

sail mast
SailTool can be used with sail boards as well as yachts

A comparison can be made between sail stripe parameters of all stripes on the same sail or the same stripe on different images.