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3D video multistandard converter

Universal systems compatibility is available for field-sequential 3D video with the DV120

“Field-sequential 3D video” is a defacto industry standard for 3D video but if you need to convert your 3D video between PAL or NTSC you are faced with a problem. Most video standards converters will corrupt the 3D video signal and will make your 3D video unwatchable in 3D in the new standard.


This device allows field-sequential 3D video to be converted from the NTSC, PAL and SECAM video standards to the PAL and NTSC standards without disrupting the 3D content. The conversion is done in real-time (live). It can also be used to convert normal (2D) video between standards and also has a number of other functions.

Playback or conversion of 3D-NTSC software

If you have 3D video in the NTSC format, it is a simple matter to convert this material to 3D PAL either for live viewing or recording.

conversion - 3D-NTSC

Playback or conversion of 3D-PAL software

If you have 3D video in the PAL format, it is also a simple matter to convert this material to 3D NTSC, either for viewing or recording.

conversion - 3D-PAL

Conversion of 3D video to 2D

Suppose you have a 3D video sequence and you would like it to be viewed in 2D (monoscopically). The DV120 allows you do just this either by displaying only all the left images from the 3D video signal or all the right images (selectable by the user). This could be useful, for example, if you wished to show the 3D video to a large audience, but you didn’t have enough 3D glasses for everyone (obviously the audience won’t see it in 3D though).

3D to 2D conversion

Correcting pseudo-scopic video by field-reversal

If you have a 3D video sequence that is pseudo-scopic (reverse stereo) because of the incorrect field-order (e.g. from a Toshiba 3D camcorder) the DV120 has the ability to correct 3D video which has the incorrect image polarity by performing field-reversal.

pseudo-scopic video

Video system conversion

The DV120 also has the ability to convert normal (2D) video from one video format to another. The DV120 accepts source material in NTSC, PAL or SECAM and will convert it to PAL or NTSC. Additionally, the converter acts as a Time Base Corrector (TBC) in all conversion modes – cleaning up the timing of the video signal and cleaning up the video synchronisation signals.

video conversion

Special notes

  • Converted output signal is not available in SECAM.
  • A video tape, laser disc, or DVD should be played on a device capable of playing that video standard.
  • Unauthorised recording of TV or other video sources may breach copyright.
  • This device cannot convert normal 2D video to 3D.
  • This unit has been specifically engineered for use with 3D video. Although it will also work with 2D video, if you only want to work with 2D video (i.e., no 3D use) and won’t use the 3D functions, you are better off purchasing a “2D only” device from another supplier.

A field-sequential 3D (stereoscopic) video signal is a normal video signal (PAL, NTSC or SECAM) which has been specially recorded with left and right images stored on the even and odd fields of the video signal.