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SONAR2MAT software

Software to convert selected SONAR files into MATLAB data files

SONAR2MAT is a program that converts selected SONAR files to MATLAB (.mat) data format to allow advanced data analysis and algorithm development. The convertor supports Reson (s7k), Kongsberg (.all, .wcd), Odom/Imagenex (.837, .83b and .83p), Generic Sensor Format (.gsf), Geoswath swamp and raw files (.swp, .rdf), MSTIFF (.mst) and eXtended Triton Format (.xtf).


Parnum I.M., Ellement T., Parsons, M. (2015). Software for rapid visualisation and analysis of multibeam echosounder water column data. Poster presented at ICES Symposium on Marine Ecosystem Acoustics.