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S-video demux

S-video demux – field-sequential 3D video de-multiplexer

The S-Video Demux is designed to separate the left and right image streams of a standard field-sequential 3D composite video stream and output them on two separate output channels. Its primary application is for large screen 3D Video projection where the S-VIDEO DEMUX drives a pair of polarised video projectors projecting onto a silvered screen. The audience wears polarised 3D glasses to see the full colour and flicker-free 3D video presentation.


The S-Video demux is compatible with both PAL and NTSC video standards. The front panel houses user controls which include Composite/S-Video, 2D or 3D and Normal or Reverse field sequence selection.

The 2D mode sends the same left (or right) image sequence to both channels which aids in the process of image & projector alignment. The Normal/Reverse switch toggles the left and right outputs to allow the correct projection of 3D images from reverse 3D sources. The units power supply is auto voltage sensing to make it easy to transport and operate worldwide.

The field separator hardware in the S-VIDEO DEMUX uses a double buffering technique to create a second field for both outputs. This ensures that the video signals are standard and contain both ODD and EVEN fields.

Block diagram

block diagram
(Other configurations are possible.)

Rear panel

rear panel
field/image sequence
Illustration of field/image sequence for various modes