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Marine courses

The Centre offers a range of short courses for industry on a needs basis, in the fields of naval architecture, design for small craft, marine acoustics, applied oceanography and underwater vehicle technology. The units are either in day-release block form or weekly lectures over a 12-week semester period. Some units are delivered online.

  • Marine acoustics

    Introduces students to the physical principles underlying acoustic propagation in the sea and describes key applications. It takes place over 12 weeks for 2 hours per week and is suitable for anyone with a high school science background.

  • Advanced marine acoustics

    Examines the physics of underwater sound, including propagation in deep and shallow water, the interaction of sound with the seabed and sea surface, scattering from objects, rough surfaces and random inhomogeneities, and transducers for generating and receiving underwater sound.
    The unit is offered online. It assumes a thorough knowledge of physics and maths to second year university level.

  • Physical and acoustical oceanography

    Investigates the physical processes that occur in the oceans and the effects they have on the propagation of underwater sound.
    The unit is offered online. It assumes a knowledge of physics and maths to first year university level.