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Underwater acoustic software

Underwater acoustic propagation modelling software – AcTUP V2.2L

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This page provides downloads for the Acoustic Toolbox User interface and Post processor (AcTUP V2.2L). AcTUP provides a consistent menu-driven user interface to a variety of underwater acoustic propagation codes, including the 2005 release of the Acoustic Toolbox written by Mike Porter at HLS Research and several versions of the Range dependent Acoustic Model (RAM), written by Mike Collins from the US Naval Research Laboratory.
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The following underwater acoustic propagation models are included:

  • Kraken / Field: normal mode model (range independent).
  • KrakenC / Field: complex normal mode model (range independent).
  • Scooter / Fields: fast-field model (range independent).
  • Bellhop: ray and Gaussian beam tracing model (range dependent bathymetry).
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  • Bounce: bottom reflection coefficient calculation for layered media.
  • RAMGeo: fully range dependent parabolic equation code for fluid seabeds. The version provided here has been modified slightly to provide output data in the same format as the acoustic toolbox routines.
  • RAMSGeo: fully range dependent parabolic equation code for elastic seabeds. This is a version of RAMS that has been modified to use the same seabed property definition convention as RAMGeo (ie. depths are relative to the bottom of the water column), and for output file compatibility with the acoustic toolbox routines.

For more information on the Acoustics Toolbox, other versions, downloads of other acoustic propagation models, and a wealth of useful information see the Ocean Acoustics Library (oalib).

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The Matlab front-end provides a uniform, menu-based user interface for running these models and plotting the results. This makes the use of these models much quicker and easier, and is especially useful for running models at multiple frequencies or for comparing the results of applying different models to the same problem. The Matlab front-end has been tested with machines running Windows 2000 and XP, and Matlab versions 7.1 and 7.2 (Release 2006a). It will probably work with other Windows versions and Matlab releases, but nothing is guaranteed!

We intend to update the Matlab front-end from time to time to add further capability. Indicate on the download form if you would like notification of these upgrades.


  • Installation and user manual [274kB]. Download and read this first.
  • AcTUP V2.2L Includes the graphical user interface, the 2005 release of the Acoustic Toolbox, and executables for the modified versions of RAMGeo and RAMSGeo.

Known problems

There was a frustrating (column width) bug in inputdlg.m in Matlab Release 13 which was particularly annoying for AcTUP. This was fixed in R14SP1, but obviously not content with a working inputdlg.m, a new bug was develped for R14SP2. It was fixed in SP3.