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Past Students

Past students, supervised by CMST staff:

NameDegreeThesis titleYearSupervisorEmployment
Damien KilleenPh.D.A Comparison of Acoustic Particle Velocity Modelling Methods for Seismic Airgun Sources2022Alec Duncan, Sasha Gavrilov, David MatthewsDST Research Scientist
Angela Recalde-SalasPh.D.Variability in Baleen Whale Acoustical Ecology: Implications for Optimal Monitoring Using Passive Acoustics2020Chandra Salgado Kent, Christine Erbe, Hugh Possinghman (University of Queensland), Robert McCauleyResearch Fellow, Curtin University
Rhianne WardPh.D.Southern right whale vocalisations, and the "spot" call in Australian waters: characteristics; spatial and temporal patterns; and a potential source - the southern right whale2020Robert McCauley, Alexander Gavrilov, Iain ParnumEnvironmental Consultant, ERM
Montserrat LanderoPh.D.Using Underwater Acoustic Data To Predict the Distribution of Demersal Fish in Western Australia2020Iain Parnum, Miles Parsons, Ben Saunders, Chandra Salgado-KentResearcher, CMST
Rebecca WellardPh.D.Vocal Repertoire, Social Structure and Feeding Preferences of Australian and Antarctic Killer Whales (Orcinus orca)2020Christine Erbe, Robert McCauleyScientist, Australian Wildlife Conservancy
Arti VermaPh.D.Broadband Echosounder Calibration and Processing for Frequency Dependent Target Strength and Phase Measurements2020Alec Duncan, Rudy KloserScientist, L3 Oceania
Capri BeckPh.D.Vocal Behaviour of the Eastern Indian Ocean Pygmy Blue Whale and Its Changes over Time and Between Aggregation Areas2019Alexander Gavrilov, Rob McCauleyEnvironmental Officer, NOPSEMA
Jeonghun (Scott) HaPh.D.Measurement and Simulation of Ship Under-Keel Clearance in Port Approach Channels2018Tim Gourlaytragically deceased
Jamie McWilliamPh.D.Coral reef soundscapes: The use of passive acoustic monitoring for long-term ecological survey.2018Robert McCauleyMarine Consultant
Sarah MarleyPh.D.
Behavioural and acoustic responses of coastal dolphins to noisy environments.2018
Chandra Salgado Kent, Christine ErbeSenior Lecturer, Scotlands Rural College
Marta Galindo RomeroPh.D.Spatial variations in the peak pressure of low frequency impulsive signals propagated in range-dependent environments.2017
Alexander Gavrilov, Alec DuncanAcoustic Consultant, Arup
Claire CharltonPh.D.
Southern right whale population demographics and recovery in South Australia.2017
Robert McCauley, Chandra Salgado Kent and Robert Brownell (NOAA, University of California Santa Cruz)Marine Environmental Consultant, Current Environmental
Sven GastauerPh.D.
An ecosystem approach, the acoustic assessment of the Northern Demersal Scalefish Fishery Distribution - habitat and abundance2017Chandra Salgado Kent, Miles Parsons, Iain Parnum, Sascha FässlerResearch Scientist, Thünen Institut
Matthew KoesslerPh.D.
Sound propagation modelling in marine, range-dependent, acoustic-elastic environments.2016
Alec Duncan and Alexander GavrilovAcoustic Consultant, JASCO Applied Sciences
Michael CaleyPh.D.Development of a dynamic underwater acoustic communication channel simulator with configurable sea surface parameters to explore time-varying signal distortion.2016Alec Duncan, Yue Rong, Alessandro GhiottoScientist, L3 Oceania
Suzanne MasonPh.D.Spatial range, social structure and behaviour of ‘resident’ short-beaked common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) in the Port Phillip embayment: considerations for their future management and conservation.2016Chandra Salgado KentHigh School Teacher
Estenio Paiva
Assessment of Occurrence of Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) in Response to Pile Driving Noise in the Fremantle Inner Harbour (Western Australia). 2016
Chandra Salgado Kent, Iain Parnum
Shyam MadhusudhanaPh.D.Automatic software analysis tools for underwater soundscape measurements.2015
Alexander Gavrilov and Christine ErbeResearch Scientist, Cornell University
Sira TecchiatiPh.D.
Sediment dynamics of a temperate water carbonate system of the midwestern Australian coast.2015
Iain ParnumConsultant, BMT
Andrew WoodsPh.D.
Crosstalk in stereoscopic displays. 2014
Alec DuncanDirector, Curtin HIVE
Daniel WilkesPh.D.
The development of a fast multipole boundary element method for coupled acoustic and elastic problems.2013
Alec DuncanResearch Fellow, CMST
Daniel VeenPh.D.
A smoothed particle hydrodynamics study of ship bow slamming in ocean waves.2011
Tim Gourlay, Kim KlakaScientist, Bentley Software
Grant PuseyPh.D.
Characterisation of long‐range horizontal performance of underwater acoustic communication.2011
Alec Duncan, Sasha GavrilovScience Teacher, Churchlands Senior High School
Matthew LeggPh.D.
Non-Gaussian and non-homogeneous Poisson models of snapping shrimp noise.2010
Alec DuncanResearch Fellow, National University of Singapore
Miles ParsonsPh.D.
An investigation of active and passive acoustic techniquest to study aggregating fish species.2010
Rob McCauleyResearch Scientist, Australian Institute of Marine Science
Binghui LiPh.D.
Acoustic observation of ice rifting and breaking events on the Antarctic ice shelf using remote hydro-acoustic listening stations.2010
Sasha Gavrilov, Alec DuncanAcoustic Consultant, SLR
Yao-Ting TsengPh.D.Recognition and assessment of seafloor vegetation using a single beam echo sounder.2009Sasha Gavrilov, Alec Duncan, Rob McCauleyResearch Scientist, University of Trinidad and Tobago
Rudy KloserPh.D.
Seabed biotope characterisation based on acoustic sensing. 2008
John PenroseSenior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO
Iain Parnum
Benthic habitat mapping using multibeam sonar systems.2008
Sasha Gavrilov, Alec Duncan
Senior Research Fellow, CMST
Susan RenniePh.D.
Oceanographic processes in the Perth Canyon and their impact on productivity.2006
Rob McCauleyResearch Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology
Peter HenleyPh.D.
An improved operator interface for underwater remotely operated vehicles. 2006
John PenroseResearch Scientist, Defence Science & Technology Group
David SterlingPh.D.
Modelling the physics of prawn trawling for fisheries management.2005
John Penrose
Justin Hoffman
Acoustic propagation prediction in shallow water 2004John Penrose
Stephen CookM.Sc.
An investigation into wave loads on catamarans.2004John Penrose
Alec DuncanPh.D.
The measurement of underwater acoustic noise radiated by a vessel using the vessel's own towed array.2004
Alexander Kritski, John Penrose
Senior Lecturer, CMST
Kim KlakaPh.D.
Roll motion of a yacht at zero Froude number. 2004
John PenroseCMST Director, retired
Ahmad ZakariaPh.D.Numerical modelling of wave propagation using higher order finite‐difference formulas.2004
John Penrose
Kristoffer GrandeM.Sc.Prediction of slamming occurrences of catamarans. 2003
Jinzhu Xia, John Penrose
Dougal HarrisPh.D.
The downwind performance of yachts in waves.2003
John Penrose, Giles Thomas
Tim PaulyPh.D.Acoustic target strength measurements of free‐swimming Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba).2003
John PenroseCo-Founder, Echoview Software Pty Ltd
Claudio Javier PerieraM.Sc.System identification of underwater vehicles2003Alec Duncan, John Penrose
Rick ShockM.Sc.Investigation into ventilated hydrofoils using numerical and analytical methods2002Krish Thiagarajan, Kim Klaka
Justy SiwabessyPh.D.An investigation of the relationship between seabed typed and benthic and bentho‐pelgaic biota using acoustic techniques.2002John PenroseResearch Scientist, Geoscience Australia
Johnathan BinnsM.Sc.Hull‐appendage interaction of a heeled and yawed vessel 1997John Penrose
Andrew Woods
M.Eng.A stereoscopic video system for underwater remotely operated vehicles 1997Tom Docherty
Greg BushPh.D.Measuring Antarctic sea ice drift with upward looking sonar 1997John PenroseGeneral Manager, RPS Energy
Joshua Boyd
M.Eng.Analysis of non‐linear vessel motions using linear strip theory 1996John Penrose
Madeleine Gauntlett
M.Sc.A scientific investigation into sailing performance of HM Bark Endeavour
John Penrose
Alec Duncan
A precision underwater position fixing system
John Penrose
Senior Lecturer, CMST
Gary Webb
A prediction of vertical vessel motions in shallow water
John Penrose
Peter Mountford
Spatial and temporal variation of the Perth sea breeze
John Penrose
Ian Sutherland
Prediction of hull response to waves
John Penrose
Kim KlakaM.Sc.Performance prediction of a yacht sailing in waves 1988John PenroseCMST Director, retired
Andrew di CarloM.Eng.1987John Penrose
Dominic Palumbo
M.Sc.Limits on the use of the statistical analysis of echo ensembles in fisheries acoustics1982John Penrose
Peter PetrisevichM.Sc.1981John Penrose
Nick SofoulisM.Sc.1978John Penrose